We primarily make and supply artisan bread and baked goods based on the highest quality ingredients, particularly flour. Our customers not only enjoy the quality and taste of our bread, but also experience the atmosphere of a typical French country bakery. As people have come to appreciate wine, they will be inspired by the simplicity and art involved in the baking of bread using “levain”, the traditional French leavening method.

Richard and Lenore married in 2004 and live in Pleasanton. Their passion is to bake and cook for their family and friends. Richard provides the bread and desserts while Lenore cooks the meals. They joined together in this venture of preparing and serving only the finest breads, pastries, soups and sandwiches, using locally grown and milled products. They want to share their “old school” values and provide a wholesome and comfortable atmosphere in the Livermore Valley community.

Richard and Lenore have four children and continue to share traditional Sunday family dinners with family and friends. They are actively involved in many service ministries through the Catholic Community of Pleasanton, including volunteering at Santa Rita Jail. Lenore is also active in Soroptimist International whose focus is educating women and girls.

Richard was born in rural France in 1959, in a small village called Bonnevent-Velloreille, near the Swiss border. His father André was a forester and his mother Gisèle stayed home raising their nine children. The Denoix family lived modestly and grew most of the food they ate. Richard graduated from high-school in the nearby city of Besançon and joined the French Air Force initially as a student pilot, then as an airborne computer technician. He was accepted into the French Air Force (FAF) Academy and graduated with honors with a major in Computer Science. As a young FAF officer, he was then assigned as a technical liaison with Boeing Aerospace in Seattle. After 15 years in the armed services, he retired from the FAF as a Captain and immigrated to the United States in 1993. He then entered the commercial Software Engineering field and worked for a number of software companies including Adobe Systems.  He is now following his dream of the last five years, a sort of retour aux sources (back to basics), baking traditional French bread and pastries.

Lenore was born in 1951 in Long Island, New York. She grew up with her three siblings in a very modest home and was surrounded by family and relatives in a typical Italian-American family, centered on homemade food with long and large Italian dinners (especially on Sundays). She grew up loving to cook and entertain and enjoys sharing her culinary delights with friends. Lenore retired in 2004 after 22 years with AT&T, lastly as a Director of Sales, where she was continually named top sales professional. She has her BA from St. Mary’s College and MS from Golden Gate University. Lenore’s motivation is to help people. Throughout her career, Lenore has focused on providing the best service for her business clients. Now she is looking forward to serving Casse-Croûte customers with the same enthusiasm and hospitality.


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